Article by – Diksha Anijwal

As per the medical experts White fungus is four times more deadly than Black fungus

Amid rising of Black fungus cases or mucormycosis, several cases of White fungus or candidiasis also detected in Bihar. White fungus attack not just the lungs but different parts of the body also like nails, stomach, kidney, brain, skin , private parts and mouth. White fungus new cases have been reported in Bihar, Patna and this is more deadlier than Black Fungus.

Both the fungus affect low immunity people, diabetic people or who are those on steroids, AIDS patients are on higher risk to get infected by this White fungus , the Symptoms of White fungus is similar to Coronavirus, but doctor’s said by performing HRCT test infection can be detected.

Also, Health Ministry asked states to declare Black fungus or mucormycosis, fungal infection detect in Corona patients an epidemic.

White fungus symptoms
Dark spots on lungs, reduced oxygen level

Black Fungus symptoms
Facial pain
Nasal congestion
Loss of vision or pain in the eyes
Swelling in cheeks and eyes
Black crusts in the nose.