Tele-Upchaar, a non-profit initiative, was started by 4 school students with the
purpose of extending healthcare facilities to people in need by audio and visual
means. The four founders are namely Sukriti Gupta, Lavanya Rathi, Vrinda Bhola
and Suhani Bansal; but, today we are a team of 25+ who believe that helping others
is the greatest joy!

2020 and 2021, have been unexpectedly hard for humankind. As people in India are
suffering and succumbing to Covid-19, we are trying our best to help our fellow
citizens. The healthcare system is grappling with one wave after another of this
deadly viral disease. It is immensely disturbing and frightening to see our beloved
friends and family face the brunt of it!
In our earnest attempt to help the people of our country, we at Tele-Upchaar have
been actively involved with covid relief activities since the beginning of the pandemic.
By the means of telemedicine, we have tried our best and are continuing to make
efforts to reduce the excess burden on our frontline workers. Throughout we have
assembled a doctors’ team that is willing to connect with people virtually and answer
all their doubts and queries. We also connected patients in old age homes and
slums, who have limited access to healthcare facilities, with doctors who gave them
a series of protocols to be followed as a prevention from the disease and also
prescribed medication for various health related problems faced by them.

Tele Consultation

We also organized information camps and sessions for the less privileged who are not
completely aware of how to tackle this pandemic, especially in orphanages.
Understanding that the pandemic has left many people jobless, we also resort to
providing easy access to medical facilities like medicines and tests to the needy free
of cost.
The human psyche has also been deeply affected by these unusual times. People
have been grappling with depression, anxiety and much more. We realise that a
stable and balanced mental headspace is the need of the hour if we are to tackle this
challenge in solidarity. For this, we have on board psychologists who deal with the
mental health aspect of the treatment. In order to maintain mental health during the
pandemic, we have also held a few webinars with psychologists addressing coping
mechanisms and personal queries of the participants.

The Founders

With the onset of the second wave, things got harder. The health infrastructure was
lacking and that led to the patients searching frantically for drugs and oxygen
facilities. To combat misinformation and panic amongst the population, we took it on
ourselves to continuously verify leads on medicine, oxygen and hospital beds
availability pan –India. We updated our social media accounts with the latest
information actively and also reverted personally to any queries we got for related
services. Not only this, we arranged for free medication and medical advice in the form of tele-consultations for the people who were infected with the disease. We
prepared a comprehensive database that has lists of all possible suppliers for all
possible resources needed to fight this. From plasma donors to fabiflu, we created
an extremely wide network and shared it with the ones in need. We are glad to have
saved so many lives during these testing times and will continue to fight the battle of
the ‘invisible enemy’ till it becomes a story of the past. It is in such times that we
need to stand up not just for ourselves but for everyone in need.

If you have any queries please feel free to reach out to avail the services that
Tele-Upchaar provides at For more information about us
you can visit our website or check out our Instagram handle