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India is currently in Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA-agony that has provoked a massive and aggressive protest all across the nation. There are two protests happening – where one is concerned with flood of immigrants that can affect the demographics and linguistics of certain regions, others happening in areas of Delhi, Kerala and West Bengal are against exclusion of Muslims from the country.

What is CAA?

The Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 provides a path for Indian citizenship to religious minorities from immediate neighbor of the country – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The intended religious minorities were explicitly listed as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians.

The beneficiaries of the Act from aforementioned regions, who had entered the country on or before 31 December 2014 and “should have faced religious persecution or fear of religious persecution” in their origin countries are eligible for India citizenship. The CAA 2019 also relaxed residence requirement for naturalization from 11 years to 5 years for such migrants.

Why NDA is adamant on this Act?

While India is a secular nation, no one can deny the fact that it is predominantly a place where majority of Hindus belong. While Muslims and Christians have banks across the world, Hindu, Sikhs and Jains, as far as concerned, have no place to go but India. However, Christians from all the three nations, have been included in the list of CAA beneficiaries considering the fact that most of them would be converts from Hindus to other local religions. As India is the birth place of Buddhism, it has also been included.

Apparently, India seems to the last resort of such persecuted people, which has made BJP government to stay committed to this Citizenship Amendment Act.

Timeline of Events: BJP’s role in Citizenship Amendment Act 2019

CAA Timeline

Aftermaths and Reactions

Observing the severe condition of the nation due to clearance of Citizenship Amendment Bill (Citizenship Amendment Act), PM Narendra Modi appealed to the masses and tweeted “No Indian has anything to worry regarding this act. This act is only for those who have faced years of persecution outside and have no other place to go except India.”

Also, some experts believe that the Act is not meant to harm secularism of India rather they described as the narrowly-tailored provision that has been designed to address a specific issue.

Congress Vs BJP

The Indian National Congress which plays the role significant opposition the nation, has opposed the new act and appealed the Supreme Court to mark it illegal. According to the them, if situation worsens, it can polarize the nation. They believe that Citizenship Amendment Act by BJP is a anti-Muslim initiative as Modi government wants to convert India into Hindu-nation.

Countering this, the Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah said that the Bill would not have been mandatory if Congress did not agree to do partition of India and Pakistan on basis of religion at the first place.

However, Pakistan was the nation that was created on the basis of religion, not India. Moreover, this logic, anyways doesn’t fit in the CAA as Afghanistan was not part of India before partition.

Difference between NRC and CAA

The NRC (National Register of Citizens) that was introduced in Assam targeted illegal migrants in the region and unlike Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, it is not based on religion. Under NRC, a person had to prove that either they, or their ancestors were in Assam on or before March 24, 1971.

*Note: The News Flux doesn’t support any party or religion. The article provides the facts regarding the CAA.

Here are two videos – one by a Media Professional, who strongly believes that a false information is being spread among youth and Indian population that is creating a great havoc in the nation. According to him, the Citizenship Amendment act of India is not against Muslims rather it has other issues to address. And the second video is by a Supreme Court Advocate who has explained everything about CAA 2019.

Watch the Video here:

Video 1

Video 2:


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