Buy Unpolluted Air in Delhi in 7 Different Fragrances for Just Rs 299!


The concept of providing fresh & pure oxygen to people through Oxygen Bar might be new in India but many countries are using it for their recreational purposes and aromatherapy. As it is known Delhi is covered under air pollution and it is increasing day by day resulting in severe suffering for citizens. 

A survey noted that breathing in Delhi for one day is equivalent to smoking 21 cigarettes in a day. The major factor of air pollution in the capital city is regular burning of stubble (Parali) by farmers of its neighbor state Punjab and Haryana. Delhi has been in a pollution filled haze and its AQI (Air Quality Index) has worsened over the time now.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal already declared Delhi as a gas chamber and now a new concept of providing oxygen has emerged for battling air pollution. The Oxy Pure Bar was first opened in May this year by Aryavir Kumar in Delhi‘s Saket. It offers visitors pure oxygen for 15 minutes in 7 different fragrances including spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavenders.

Bonil Irengbam, head of the staff said that they provide oxygen with different aromas for a period of 15 minutes. They do so by controlling the atmospheric pressure. The customers are given a tube through which flavored oxygen is provided to them. A person is restricted from inhaling the particular oxygen once a day for the stipulated time frame.

Inhaling oxygen through Oxy Bars has many health benefits – it helps the body to rebuild itself, increase oxygen circulation while strengthening the immune system. Some of the reported lifestyle benefits associated with oxygen intake are higher concentration and alertness. It also helps in the detoxification and alertness. Additionally, it help fight depression and ensure relaxation and prevention from disease.

Oxy Bar located inside select city mall, at Saket, New Delhi, Oxy Pure offers pure oxygen starting at a very cheap price which anyone can afford Rs 299. The prices differ according to the aromas you choose.



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