The 70s fashion has changed the entire style statement of men and women across the globe with, making a true iconic history in the field of fashion with oversized fits, disco pants, matching co-ords, to bold prints and corsets. These are the fashion trends that are quite easily popping up on our social media screens, with every other person trying to creat their own fashion trend.

It is all Unisex: It is all Genderless

As fashion has become more about style along with comfort and less of comfort along with style, the genderless clothing has become a part of street style. There has been an extensive amount of rise in unisex clothing and accessories, which has widened the horizon of options in clothing for men and women patrons. Now women, do not have to think twice before buying a baggy shirt from men’s section or men do not have to worry about people’s judgement over them wearing a pendant.

Disco pants or the Bell-bottom pants: The new comfort

Bell bottoms now known as flared made a huge fashion trend in the 70s and have made a explosive trend in the 21st century, especially amongst the Gen Z. These pants have a unique design with being skin tight for the thighs and getting wider, spacey, ventilated from bottom. One can pull these pants either styling it formal or giving it a chic look.

Oversized fits: The new body fits

Oversize joggers with sweat shirts along with a baguette bags and bucket hat, is the new ‘let’s go for shopping’ style. The style is easy and so trendy, that men and women both can pull it off, making all eyes in the room gaze them.

Large size bold printed shirts and pants are the most new fitting size of the medium sized body, making an cozy statement to these trends. A blazer can bring an instant style boost to an otherwise casual silhouette. Wearing oversized blazers at home is the new normal, as people are  aspiring towards more sophisticated fashions and a more dressed-up, dynamic style.

Smaller waist with Corsets: Shape up the trend

The millennials with remember seeing a corset for the first time, in the movie Titanic, with Kate Winslet walking like a princess straight from heaven in all her beautiful gowns. But no one back then imagines a corset could now only be worn under a dress but over a shirt, giving a bold statement. The Corsets has been in effect, after the release of show Bridgerton, in Netflix. Fashion shows across globe has seen the use of corsets in their dresses, gowns, shirts, tops with bloggers breaking the taboo and boundaries of fashion limits everyday.