The second wave of Corona has created a furor in the months of April and May in India. In the last 13 days the death toll has crossed 50 thousand. Due to lack of oxygen and many medical things, even beds in hospitals, the cause of increase in these deaths has been revealed. Due to which this death toll has now crossed 3 lakhs.
Reduction in corona infected cases –

A decrease in corona infection cases has also been reported in the last few days. But there has also been an increase in the statistics of the death. Whereas earlier cases of infection were crossing the figure of 4 lakhs everyday, this figure has now come down to around 2.5 lakhs. But on Monday, the death toll stood at 4,454.

India becomes the third country with more than three lakh deaths

India currently remains an Epicenter of Corona. After America, Brazil, the highest number of deaths has occurred in India.
America – 604,087
Brazil – 449,185
India – 303,751
According to experts, there has been talk of a decrease in the second wave till July. At the same time, warning of the third wave has been given. Which can come after 6 months. At present, India is also facing the threat of black fungus. So far 9 thousand cases have been reported.