Home made Scrub for skin


Scrubs should be used at least once in a week as they help to get rid of dead skin and removes all the dirt out.


Mash 2 bananas in sugar, also add some honey in it so that the scrub doesn’t harm your skin as honey will help to keep it soft. Now apply the paste all over your face and massage it gradually, don’t put more force because it may damage the skin after that just wash it off.

Sugar lemon 

It is the easiest home remedy just take some sugar brown or white anyone will work and inside it put some lemon juice, some coconut oil and mix it all with well. Use it and you will definitely achieve the results.


Take a tomato to squash them in a bowl to get all the juice out of it and mix it with sugar. And massage it softly on your skin and wash it off with cool water.


Coffee is easily available at home and if not that you can get small packets of coffee from any nearby store. Just take a tablespoon of granulated coffee powder and mix it with coconut oil to keep the consistency thick so as to stay on the skin. It will give a great result.


Take mashed papaya and mix it with some sugar and honey, it helps to get rid of dead skin leaving it bright and fresh.


Also never forget to moisturize your skin every time you use a scrub whether it may be a homemade scrub or an artificial one.


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