Krupa Shah is an abstract Artist, Art Aficionado, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and a mentor.

Krupa was born and brought up in Mumbai. Krupa shah has been artistically inclined since she was a little girl. She remembers being drawn towards canvas and discovering her own individual style as a teenager. Her ideas translated into paintings instantly.

From Maharashtra CM’s clarion call for helping the drought affected farmers in Maharashtra, to fighting for justice for Asifa – Krupa through her paintings has raised funds and contributed generously for a lot of social causes.

She has been an active member of FICCI, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. With commendable on-ground work and relentless contribution to the field of art – Krupa has earned both rewards and awards.

We recently talked with Krupa to reflect on her gallery’s transformation and success over the years.


  • From where did you become aware that you used the organic colours for blind children, where did the idea came from?

Basically when you practise meditation Yoga, when you connect yourself all of sudden you get this motivation somewhere some questions when you are closer to needy people, when you are closer to yourself that is why the bridge connect and we get the ideas of making something which make them independent. The first motive started that we should have to do something to blind children independent their own. That is the question in my mind and i kept answering in my mind, going deep into my side and in my world i can rethink that they should know the colours smell because they don’t have eyes but they have other organ which help them to identify colours.  When you are into a goal, when you want to do something for other people you need to question yourself and you have to be the best answer to your own self. When you want to do something different go out of the box. So this is my kind of working style. This is how i came up to think fortunate that what can be do to identify them more or less there were question into my mind when i was preparing these things that should not be allergic to colours when they smell by their nose. There are chances of allergy is like cold and cough. So health is equally important.

  • Where do you get the motivation to do something different?

Motivation is always I. Motivation always comes from my regular exercise, yoga and meditation because when you are with yourself you will see a different path. Your eyes will see a different vision and thats why I am an artist. When i am with my art i am entering my own aura, my own thoughts, my own soul. So i am not so much connected to material world. I am connected to spiritual world. We all are born spiritual, you need to recognize by your ownself. The more you are connected with your own soul. Ideas come automatically.

  • Three things you love most about being an artist?

First i love being in a positive aura the most. Second best what i love is, i love exploring different colours. And the third when it comes to completion when beautiful peace comes out. I feel on the peak. So me, my self, my colours, my brushes, my canvas i love the most.

  • Could you please highlight the Conch Installation initiative you have taken up? What is your vision with this project? What is the idea behind installation a conch sculpture?

The Idea behind installing Conch is that it signifies our long last Hindu tradition and promotes positive vibrations in the surrounding. it represent luster, brilliance and purity and symbolizes the cosmic space which reverberates the melodic notes of the Conch. The Conch has stayed symbolic even in the 21st Century. Continuing its positive vibe that good shall prevail over evil.

  • What are the most important things you learned during Corona Lockdown ?

The most important thing in Corona during lockdown we learnt is the everybody keep listening so many sadhgurus, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar so many people, and they learn that stay connected with your soul. We all had reason, only few people who has come out as an artist have given time to their self. In  Corona they have learned the new living that one should be deep within him or herself. Second be humble third be enthusiastic. You have to give time to your own self by meditating, by Yoga, by knowing yourself. God gave you time to know yourself. Whatever you do the Karma follows you.

  • What do you think about Women Entrepreneurship?

Women entrepreneurship is whatever you do, just do it with full faith, with full Discipline. whatever you like whether there is start-up business but doing everything always remember giving back to the society, give back to your country, give back to your community and for me that would be a real entrepreneur who has everything for her own self. For me sacrificing and service makes you an entrepreneur. If you have a kind of satisfaction, when you scarifies you will become an entrepreneur, you become a women entrepreneur because you build-up something by your own self whether there is small thing but you have your own identity rather than being an mother, mother in law, daughter in law. But you are the one.

  • To whom do you want to give credit for your success?

I would not say credit but i would say thank you to all the people who believe me because of them i understood my strength. And to all my well wishers who supported me and made me belief in me that i can reach up to a goal.