Filmmaker Karan Johar is celebrating his 49th birthday today. Everyone knows how deep the friendship between popular film and TV show producers and directors Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar is. But very few people know that there are some similarities between these two. Just like Karan Johar is a single parent and a surrogacy father, he has two children, Yash and Ruhi. On the other hand, Ekta Kapoor is also a single parent, she is also a surrogate mother, her child’s name is Ravi.

Numerology number 7 has a profound effect-

Both Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor give priority to the numerology number 7. At the same time, the numerology number of both people is also 7.

More attachment than letter K

Most people know that the names of Ekta Kapoor’s TV serials start mostly with the letter K. At the same time, Karan Johar also prefers to start most of his films with the letter name.

There is equality in the name of children as well

Karan Johar has named his child after his father, ie Yash. While Ekta Kapoor also named her boy Ravi after his father.