The image that you have of a typical 16-year-old will probably include them immersed in academics, writing exams and preparing for colleges. Have you heard of a teenager, who along with her high school pressure, runs her foundation, ‘Samvedna’ through which she’s impacted 1000+ underprivileged kids from across the country by teaching them chess, has published a book on the subject of clothing psychology & is a motivational speaker having given talks among notable corporates and universities? Well, here’s the story of Bhushita Ahuja, a young girl hailing from Delhi who has defied age barriers and turned her dreams into reality.

The first question that pops into the mind is what really inspired Bhushita to make that extra effort and come so far? Like her peers she could have chosen the generic path and waited until she was older to achieve all that she desired. If we dive into her psyche, Bhushita says, “I feel the most important factor in life is not wealth or popularity, it is self-satisfaction. While materialistic pleasures could bring you short-term-joy, it is when you challenge and prove yourself that you actually enter a state of permanent satisfaction.” The point Bhushita is tried to put forward is that she competes with herself and everyday tries to become a better version. Self-improvement, personal reflections, that’s how you become more mature.
Bhushita was a shy and soft-spoken girl in her middle-school-years. She would remain quiet in school, interact with a reserved group of people and be more of a listener. While she loved to express herself with family and friends, she was not comfortable exchanging conversations with strangers & she would often feel extremely nervous before giving a public speech. Today, even if she’s invited as a speaker by a top corporate giants such as Tech Mahindra or IRCTC, Bhushita speaks without a speck of fear or consciousness, with an abundance of conviction that she built in herself over the years.

This transformation took time and effort but the results were fabulous. What actually brought this positive change in her was her mastery in certain skills & the experience she had gained. Bhushita admits, “Your skills are what define your worth, not the wealth you have. If you’re skilled, you don’t need to worry about anything. Therefore pick something you want to be known for and study that extensively. People will only be interested to hear you out if you can add value to their lives and that is only possible if you have adequate experience and knowledge.” The young girl started playing chess when she was 7 years old & it’s been almost a decade since she’s been playing the sport. That is experience and when you have years of practice, it gives you confidence and when you have confidence then you are no longer fear speaking in front of large audiences.
Bhushita’s first speech was at Ramanujan College, Delhi University, where she spoke about Social Entrepreneurship through Enactus. The college wanted her to share her insights based on founding a social enterprise and running it successfully at such a young age. Bhushita states, “When you get one offer & fulfil that responsibility well then it’s like a domino effect & you get a lot of invitations after that.” Starting from there, she then got invites from IRCTC, Tech Mahindra, Shyam Lal College, Jims Engineering College Noida, Rajalakshmi College Chennai & Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany. She’s also about to give a TEDx talk in the month of June 2021.

Bhushita has been able to carve out a niche for herself and focuses on a targeted segment of the society that is able to take her life learnings positively and add value to their own life. Bhushita says, “to give motivation to others, you have to be self-motivated. To resonate with others, you must acknowledge relatable experiences including failures. Basically, be the change that you want to see.” Bhushita has strung her life lessons beautifully together to create a story that not only inspires but propels the audience to take some kind of action in their own lives and be torch bearers of change.
When Bhushita was asked about a final message she had for teenagers who want to spark a difference in the society, here’s what’s she said, “I feel the most important tip I can give is to never give up & stay committed. You’ll get a thousand reasons to want to quit but a true leader is the one who finds that one reason to keep moving. Nothing comes easy and without challenges life will be boring. The key is to be optimistic and take instead of talking a halt due to hurdles, come up with unique strategies as to how you can cross it. Lastly, life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”