Why Ban Vaping But Not The More Dangerous Bidies..??


Our Indian Govt took a step to ban E – Cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes). In India, E – Cigarettes or you may say ENDS which means Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, First of all we need to Understand the Harmful effect between E – Cigarettes or Normal or Conventional Cigarettes and which is more harmful and why and we are also going to discuss about the ban of E- Cigarettes instead of not ban bidies or Conventional Cigarettes.

E – Cigarettes which is popularly known as Vaping which entails inhaling Nicotine Infused vapor from a heated liquid cartridge which don’t produce tar or Carcinogens which is responsible for lung disease instead of this normal conventional cigarettes produced a lot of tar which is harmful for us all. According to the studies in Toronto University and it is observed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes, It’s just simply a alternate option for quitting the excessive use of cigarettes which I think slightly good.

Now the question arises that why Govt ban E– Cigarettes but not the bidies ?

First to find the answer I would like to torch light on some facts on the manufacture of bidis and bidis manufactured after a decades by tibal people or small companies, bidis are made up of Tendu leaves and also produce a huge revenue to govt and if the govt ban bidis and Conventional Cigarettes which is too much harmful as we all know very well. So, it’s simply mean unemployment of thousands of people and the tax break for bidis was supposed to encourage employment but actually encouraged corruption and mis – declaration of factory made bidis as hand made.

And that’s why banning of E – Cigarettes is a bad move of our Modi govt because if they do so people generally smokers are easily move to conventional cigarettes which is too much harmful and deathly for us and our upcoming generation.

E – Cigarettes save lives through reduced lethality, A ban on them would result in a spike in sales of cigarettes and bidies and the latter being the most lethal.




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