OTT Platforms Like Netflix Inducing Disruption in Entertainment Market


This generation is probably the only one that has covered the journey from Chitrahaar (earlier telecasted by Doordarshan) to Sacred Games (Streaming on Netflix), that has witnessed the revolutionary transformation of internet and technology. Streaming media in India is gaining a lot of young attention due to its original content and easy accessibility over the internet. Also, the country is one of the fastest growing internet markets in the world contributing to the wave of digital transformation in current times.

Renowned businesses are venturing into the OTT window creating a pool of fresh and varied contents over the platforms. Some of the commonly heard streaming content providers in India are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, Voot, ALT Balaji, and others.

What exactly attracts the hefty customer engagements?

You must be aware of Artificial Technology, aren’t You? Must be curious to know how it engages the audience!

Well, the technology of artificial technology and machine learning provides with a tool called personalized experience for customers. The platform allows the customers to create their own user profile with the type of content they prefer to watch. Later using their preferences, tailored-recommendations serves the personalized content including movies and series to the customer.

Individual user-level content personalization and viewer insight works as a secret sauce for such platforms.

The demographic groundwork where the OTT platforms design its content strategy, collect the data from the users reaching on it act as a base to generate user insight for further development. Next, it guides the audience with popular trending shows along which works as an input for the platform to predict the type of content they would prefer watching in the future.

Staying Relevant and Original

Here quoting an example of Netflix would be appropriate to describe the importance of being real in the market. The reason why Netflix won more than 125 million subscribers, became one of the most watched streaming platforms is its original content. Netflix original provides with in-house produced content which worked as a game changer it the marathon of ratings, views, and subscription.

For any business, not confined to OTT platforms, if they have anything new to offer, it would give an extra edge to the brand and works as its USP in the market shares. Ultimately, this X factor of any business supports the cause of staying relevant in the competitive world.

OTT Platforms Creating Disruptive Market

The Online Streaming Platforms have taken over the movie and television market with a boom. Adding a new value to the entertainment business, creating recognizable steer in the industry and driving corporate growth using new-age innovative technology, OTT platform is definitely disrupting the market.

The time is running and so the innovation and those who will not keep up with the latest trends will lack behind and most innovative businesses who adapted to the automated world will conquer the market.


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