Necessity to Strike Balance Between Human and Technology


It is a well-known fact that technology starts where human mind ends. The purpose of technology is to augment human capabilities. Both the mechanisms are here to serve their own purposes and it is necessary to strike a balance between them. If combined together, can perform better for humanity and its welfare.

But if not blended well together can prove hazardous to quite an extent. Therefore, it is necessary to separate their responsibilities.

Where digital technology is good at doing one thing, human has capability to perform other things efficiently. The eternal beauty lies in amalgamation of both where technology acts like natural extension to human abilities and capabilities. For instance, a hammer is sufficient at hammering things but it can’t strike anything on its own. It requires human efforts, force and momentum to direct it towards the target. Similarly, technology only takes care of how to do certain things in least time possible.

Here, separation means to evaluate new technologies, acknowledge potential, consider the business impact of them or design new products according to human and machine abilities. Overextending or undershooting of the capabilities can be avoided in human and machine collaboration through striking a right balance between them.

The humans are teaching technologies like AI to beat human brains and overpower its own master which can be harmful for mankind. It is necessary give a way to reality to flourish in world covered with technological mirror. The reality driven by human tends to keep us safe.

Additionally, technology apparently possess the risk of losing humanity. Automation technology, specifically, has made it clear that human workforce is expensive, slow and often insufficient when compared to machines. A big debate is burning across the industry regarding machines replacing human workforce.

Although several experts believe that, the technology will not completely replace human rather it would create new set of job opportunities for them. But to grab that humans need to upgrade themselves over the time and as per the industry demand.

Where technology is making rapid advancements, a number of challenges will appear in the path and the only way to tackle that is gaining perspective and maintaining balance between humans and machines.


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