Google offers 1.2 million package To Khan


Many times, the work done as a hobby shines human fate. Something like this happened with Abdullah Khan who lives in Mumbai. This week, Google has offered to 1.2 million salaries. You would be surprised to know that Khan has not passed the IIT examination too. In spite of this, they have become students who earn 30 times more salary from the IITs.

Mr. L.R. Tiwari, the student of Engineering College, Mira Road, had called Google for the first interview; in fact, Khan’s profile was on a site that organizes programming. The profile of Khan found on that site was recovered by a Google recruiter and his online interview was taken after this month he was called for the final interview in London office earlier this month. Where Khan received so many offers after the final interview.

The offer of such a big package from Fun

Last year an official from Google emailed Abdullah Khan. In which he had told that he saw Khan’s profile on that site, and likewise he had to make recruitment across Europe. Khan said that he is doing a competition on such a website as a fan. They do not know that companies visit the site and check the profile.Khan told this essence, to a friend, his friend, so his friend said that such a match came to his known person, and I am waiting for his team to join.


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