Delhi Didn’t Make It To Top 10 List Of Most Polluted Cities In India


Delhi from last few days is struggling to breathe due to thick smog in the air. The capital has evidently converted into gas chamber. However, on Monday the pollution level dropped from severe to unhealthy status. There was a slight improvement in the Air Quality Index (AQI) which dipped from 400+ to 150-200.

Data Intelligence Unit of India Today (DIU) evaluated the Air Quality Index bulletin presented by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and revealed that Delhi hasn’t make place among top 10 polluted cities of India.

The average Air Quality Index calculated for 24 hours depicted that Jind in Haryana had the most toxic air among 97 cities analysed. The average air quality index of Jind was 448 whereas that of Delhi was 407.

In India, a total of 15 cities’ air quality index ranges above 400 which is considered as severe according to CPCB standards. Out of these 15 cities 9 belong to Uttar Pradesh while five belong to Haryana apart from Delhi. After Jind, eight UP cities have followed the list for having most toxic air quality.

The top 10 polluted cities listed are –

  • Jind
  • Baghpat (AQI 440)
  • Ghaziabad (440)
  • Hapur (436)
  • Lucknow (435)
  • Moradabad (434)
  • Noida (430)
  • Greater Noida (428)
  • Kanpur (427)
  • Sirsa (426)

Despite of unbearable situation in Delhi, the city didn’t fall under list of the 10 most polluted cities in India even before Diwali.

According to DIU’s previous report: in the last week of October, cities in UP and Haryana suffered worse AQI than the Capital.

There are only 4 cities in India with good air quality out of which two belong to Kerala.

  • Eloor, a suburb of Kochi in Kerala gained the spot for having the best air quality with an AQI of 25.
  • Thane near Mumbai (AQI 45)
  • Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala (AQI 49)
  • Kota in Rajasthan (AQI 50)



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