The Inner Dilemmas of the Goddess


Mubarak ho “Lakshmi (Goddess) paida hui hai”, this is what we say when a girl child is born in a family. But do we really mean it

The little Goddess is like a flower, we had to protect her from the pluckers. The family always keeps her away from the bad eye of others around as the world is dark out there.

The teenage goddess is tagged with the honor of the family, who can never let her family down, who carries the respect of her family on her shoulders, one wrong step, and everything will be destroyed.

The young goddess is always surrounded by a lot of dilemmas, What to wear? Is my dress too revealing? How to stand? How to sit in front of whom? How to talk? Am I too loud? Is my makeup on the point or more and maybe people wouldn’t like it? Should I travel to public transport at night? Am I getting late? Am I being too frank with the males around me? This is just a small list of the questions that a girl asks herself on a daily basis.

Why can’t we treat a girl just like a normal human being rather than comparing her with god and then treating her like trash? Does she want all this?

The day we stop giving her less or more preference than others the society will start changing, it will change in a good way.


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