Media and the game of TRP


Media earlier used to be a platform through which we could get authentic information and news around us. We could have faith in them for knowledge and facts.

But, now media has refrained from working as a watchdog and is instead working as a PR team for the political leaders and organizations. The change in the working system is all because of TRP. It is one of the biggest reasons why our media houses are shifting from truth to serving the entertainment and controversial issues.

The race of gaining the first position in achieving the highest TRP is making them lose their ethics and morals that they should follow while serving the information to their viewers.

Hindi channels are degrading their image and levels day by day and more and more, they are showing such shows and segments which are useless and stupid without even giving it a second thought.

Media houses are ignoring the fact that by broadcasting such material they are themselves putting a question on their incredibility, and portraying themselves as clowns, this is a strong statement but we can’t deny it. They are indulging themselves in the act of framing the positive image of the people or organizations that are providing them with a good deal. And if you don’t agree with me then you can open a news channel and see what is going on with the media of our country, they are just selling their vies, ideas and making money out of it. Media carries the power to change society in a good way and make it informative but today the opposite taking place they are changing society but in a bad way by spreading hatred among each other and this is all to achieve a good amount of TRP and using it for their benefit.


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