Actor Kangana Ranaut shared pictures of her recent visit to Golden Temple in Amritsar, days after she was tested COVID-19 Negative. It was her first visit to the shrine, along with her family. As she shared her divine experience, the actor said, she was stunned by the beauty and divinity of the religious place.

She wrote, “Today I visited Sri Harmandir Sahib Golden temple, even though I grew up in north and almost everyone in my family has already visited the temple many times only for me it was first time . Speechless and stunned with Golden temple’s beauty and divinity…”

Kangana in her post was seen wearing a blue churidar with her head covered with dupatta. She posted picture of her nephew and her family, offering their prayers to god. Despite her family have had visited the religious place before, it was her first time at the Golden temple, said the 4 times National Award Winning actor.

Kangana, has been living with her family in her home in Manali, before she was tested positive for COVID-19. The actress shared beautiful pictures from her Manali and shared the hardest part about her COVID journey was isolating from the loved ones.