Helping others is our duty. If we can’t be an ocean of change, we should try to be a drop of change in an entire ocean”.

Aashray Charitable Trust, registered under Societies Registration Act, was entrenched in 2012 with humanitarian objective of serving the poor and downtrodden in rural areas. Based in Mohali, they are working PAN India to deliver their best to the society.

Our Vision-
Its vision is to help people, feed them and provide them with the basic amenities. Aashray has also been working rigorously to break the social taboos associated with menstruation, body shaming, skin colour, etc. It has also come up with projects to combat mental health and to save the animals who are often abandoned by their owners or stay on streets in terrible conditions.

Our Achievements-
The pandemic has affected lives of many. Keeping this situation in mind, Aashray NGO has been conducting regular food drives since last year, following the norms of social distancing. Till date, it has conducted food and ration drives in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali, Karnal, Bangalore.


Join us-

Aman Ahuja

Managing Director-
Shane Warne Bakshi

For donations- Gpay/Paytm (9815151895)